Weekly Tarotscope September 9 – September 15, 2018

The Three of Pentacles is all about planning, teamwork, and collaboration. The mountain on the card represents hard work on the horizon. The task ahead is a monumental one and will require a lot of focus, strategy and determination. The three pentacles are shown here in the primary colours – red, yellow, and blue. Much like how they combine to create an infinite number of colour combinations, this card is reminding us that we all have different skills that can come together to create something truly remarkable – something that would not exist otherwise.

When we look closely, we can see that the mountain peak is inverted to the triangular outline the pentacles make at the bottom of the card. This shows us there’s a relationship between the tasks ahead and the message the pentacles are sending us. While we’ll have some challenges coming at us that will require us to hustle and get things done, this is a reminder that we can’t do it alone. It’s a reminder that together, things are better (and easier). It’s a reminder to ask others for help when we need it.

Where do you need additional support in achieving your goals? Who can you lean on to move ahead? Who has the skills that can complement your expertise to create something even more grand? Now’s the time to see what teamwork and collaboration can create in your world.


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