Lessons from a Hotel Bar on a Wednesday Night

Last Wednesday was one of those days where there just weren’t enough hours in the day to get stuff done. My lizard brain was telling me to go home, glue my ass to the couch and work. As I walked into my condo and flipped on the lights, I realized that I needed a lil’ inspiration. So off I went. The local haunt was packed with hockey fans so I continued to wander in -18 weather (’twas a chilly night) and made my way to a cool hotel nearby. I parked myself in the main lobby area, a little off to the side on a cozy couch. Armed with my laptop and a glass of Pinot Grigio, I was more productive than I’ve been in a while.

The change of scenery was my inspiration. The energy around me was my inspiration. Not to mention the interesting social observations I made as the night went on and travelers and locals were hanging around the bar. (I have a habit of observing people while they’re out and making up a story for each of them about why they’re there, who they’re with…but I digress).

There’s something about switching things up a bit. Even ever so slightly. 

It was only upon reflection after the fact that I realized why this worked so well for me. I’m a music nut and the live dj that was there was doing justice to my ears (and soul to be quite honest). I love being around people and the crowd that showed up was definitely satisfying that need. I took what I know works for me and added another element to it. And I made it fun. There’s a novel concept, huh? Working late on a Wednesday night as fun.

That’s what happens when you do work you love. When you choose to work with people and organizations that share your values and really encourage your growth. When you choose to come from a place of creation rather than just ‘oh I need to get this stuff done already.’ Mind you, there will be days when you just have to buckle down and storm through work stuff. But the more you can make it interesting and really appreciate the opportunities you’re creating for yourself to learn something new and add to the body of work you’re creating – how you’re making your own dent in the world – that’s where the magic happens.

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