Full Moon Magic

If you know me pretty well, you know that I’m a positive person. Sure, I have my ups and downs but overall, I choose to look at the bright side of things ‘cuz, well, there’s enough shitty things in this world and I don’t feel the need to add to them or focus on them and make them even shittier.

So when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Friday morning, and Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I was all like, “Errrrr. What’s happening here?”

I was experiencing full-on resistance. To everything. Getting up and out of bed yesterday was b-r-u-t-a-l. I didn’t want to face anyone and was super thankful for the fact that my day wasn’t packed with things like my days have been for the last little while. At the same time, when I did get out to engage with the outside world, I knew it was what I needed, “in small doses!” I begged.

Something was definitely up.

The best way to describe how I’ve been feeling about things as of late is a strong sense of push and pull.

A start, followed by an abrupt – leaving me shaking my head in confusion and disappointment – stop. I was flooded with ideas, creative nudges and energy and then bam! Out of the blue, I’d hit that proverbial wall and crash, racking my brain about what to do next. This was followed by incessant internal chatter where I chastised myself for not doing more, being effective enough, pursuing harder, looking deeper.

And then it hit me. Ah, yes. Wednesday is a full moon.

So we’re gonna toss aside all the folklore for a minute. Let’s forget about werewolves and shit like that and tune into the cosmic side of it all.

I love how Mystic Mamma positions the full moon on July 2nd as one of Flexible Preparation. Oh flexibility. How hard can that be when we just want to get stuff done? We have real-world indisputable (and sometimes unrealistic) deadlines and oftentimes, we just need to plow through and get stuff out the door. We have plans, desired outcomes and a direction in mind and we often think that if we can just keep our nose to the grindstone and push on through, we’ll make it out the other side (preferably unscathed).

Well lemme tell you something. I tried that and it didn’t work. The energy right now is calling us to slow down, ease up and stop expecting to figure everything out in a hot minute.

Today I took another attempt at making it through the day but this time, I decided to not force it. I stopped forcing myself to find all the answers and just surrendered. I decided that I would allow myself the extra time to get started in my day. I would take that stroll rather than sit chained staring at my laptop hoping the creative juices would begin to flow again. I grabbed a book and sat outside, watching the world go by, instead of getting locked up over my lunch hour pressuring myself to do something/anything, desperately trying to entice a feeling productivity.

When I allowed myself to just surrender to the fact that there isn’t full-on clarity right now, I felt the tension in my body begin to melt. And with that melting of tension, followed some out-of-the-blue aha moments.

When I allowed myself the time I needed to flow into my day and let things unfold, I was pleasantly surprised to see how it led me to meeting some pretty awesome people.

I vowed not to get sucked into the feeling of hopelessness as I tried to figure out wtf is next in my business and life.

“It’s important to remember at this point that however we feel right now, we won’t be feeling the same way in a couple of days, let alone a couple of weeks!

“So waste no time or energy identifying with the emotion of the moment. Simply allow life to do what it must, ourselves to feel as we do and take one minute at a time.” ~ Mystic Mamma

What if you knew that any feelings of being lost, stuck, searching, wanting and needing were simply a matter of perspective?

What can you let go of right now to feel better, just for the sake of feeling better right now? Go do that.

Much love, XXX

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