Feeling Guilty? It’s Bound To Happen So Hug It And Let It Go.

We’ve all been there. After making a choice to do something we know we need for our own happiness / sanity / serenity / growth, a foreboding sense of guilt begins to slowly creep in.

We leave the person who hooked us up in our career. We end a relationship on its last legs because we know deep down we’re simply not connecting anymore. We leave the kids with a sitter to treat ourselves to a day at the spa.

After weeks of dreading about having to stick to plans we booked and knew we weren’t really feeling in the first place, we bow out gracefully. We do too much. We don’t do enough.  

All of these situations express our need to feel more free in our lives.

When we feel guilty, it’s a call from our soul to move more freely, choose more freely and be more real and open about our own needs and desires. It’s a call to set boundaries, expectations and speak from a place of authenticity.

We reach for more. We work harder. We work less. We reach our goals. We do more than people expected of us or ever thought could be achievable for themselves.

Some of us live with a constant sense of guilt because we know no other way. How could we possibly NOT feel guilty about doing something that feeds our ambition, soul or desires? Maybe we grew up in a household where guilt pervaded everything we did.

So then, we begin to feel guilty about feeling guilty. And so goes the vicious cycle.

We need to pause for a minute and recognize that, rather than trying to eviscerate the guilt or trying to ignore it, we need to simply let it be and let it go. We won’t magically start feeling less guilty one day.

We’re going to feel guilty. It’s literally the price we pay for being brave and acting on behalf of our soul. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’d rather feel guilty than feel nothing at all.


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