Weekly Tarotscope September 10 – September 16, 2017

Right away, we can see the powerful impression that the Father of Swords makes. With his piercing gaze and multi-coloured sword, he exudes knowledge, authority, and mastery. The Father is not afraid to face things head on. He doesn’t mince his words, nor does he hesitate in delivering his messages.

His sword, concentrated with all the colours of the rainbow, shows that he masters the airy realm of thoughts, analysis, and judgement. He rules with a holistic approach and thinks things through thoroughly. He will consider multiple angles of every situation before taking action. His actions are measured carefully and he acts with full consciousness.

Emotions don’t cloud his judgement. He isn’t entirely tuned out of his feelings rather, he processes the world through thinking and his decisions are made without bias.

For the week ahead, the Father of Swords asks us to reevaluate how his approach is or isn’t at work for us. Are you acting in accordance with your moral principles? Are you considering all the facts at hand? How can you fully own your authority and make confident decisions with conviction?

Until next week, xoxo

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