Weekly Tarotscope May 21 – May 27, 2017

The Pentacles brings our attention to our home, money or career. The Two of Pentacles represents change and balance in our lives within these areas.

Looking at the card, it’s clear that there are many instances of balance appearing. There’s a repetition of duality throughout the card – from the lines that run along the left and right meeting at the centre, to the set of wings and antennae, to the two pentacles floating next to each other bound by the infinity symbol. There’s a clear sense of equilibrium happening and this card is asking us to find our state of balance as we move through changes within the spheres of our home, finances, or careers.

This card points to inevitable change in our lives. Even if we fear the change that’s happening, it needs to happen and it might even be fun. The idea here is to face it with the grace of a newly formed butterfly and understand that we have wings to fly – we just need to embrace our new power in the muddle of the changes that are coming our way.


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