Weekly Tarotscope March 18 – March 24, 2018

The Eight of Pentacles. A fitting card to welcome Spring.

A spider expertly weaves her web. Through craftsmanship and skill, she diligently creates her art through supreme focus. And her concentration achieves a meticulous outcome. The question is: where can we apply the same care in our lives to create something new. Something artful. Something beautiful. 

With winter on the outs and spring on its heels, now is the perfect time to step back and think about what we’d like to achieve. To set some clear intentions for the months ahead.

Where can you hone your practice. Of life. Of love. Of work. Where can you focus your attention to open up to your creative force? What inspires you and how can you introduce more of it in your life? What requires more care and thought in your day-to-day to get you feeling on-track and fulfilled? How can you hone your skills? Is there a new hobby you can commit to? Now’s the time to wake up from hibernation mode, get inspired, and get moving.

Until next week, xoxo

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