Weekly Tarotscope March 11 – March 17, 2018

A young owl is caught mid-flight as he gazes straight ahead. His focus is narrow and nothing can take him off course. The slanted lines meeting in the centre adds to the air of determination. In his talons, the owl holds his sword, ready to pierce his chosen target.

The Son of Swords is full of opinions and can often have a hard time differentiating opinions from facts. He can be a fierce debater and a brutal critic. While some of his criticisms can be helpful, he doesn’t always know where to draw the line between helping and hurting.

On one end of the spectrum, the Son of Swords has the determined and single-minded focus that it takes to accomplish difficult tasks. He’s smart and stands up for himself. On the other hand though, he can be prone to wearing blinders. He can be stubborn and unwilling to see any other option aside from what he’s decided upon. He can be condescending and patience isn’t always his strong suit.

This week, the Son of Swords asks us to closely evaluate our approach in a given situation.

Do you need to be more direct, honest and focused? Or, on the other hand, have you lost sight of the bigger picture? Step back and examine your approach from an unbiased perspective, and then use your wisdom to determine your next step.

Until next week, xoxo

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