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June 18 – June 24, 2017

June 19, 2017

The world card is the final card in the journey of the major arcana and as such, is quite powerful. Encapsulating all the goodness of the tarot, the world card is about wholeness, harmony, contentment, and a sense of being complete.

This type of energy is rare as we’re often typically consumed with wanting and needing more – a striving for more achievement, more things, more experiences – more of everything.

When this card appears, it’s asking us to stop and contemplate the idea of being complete exactly as we are in the moment.

Rather than searching or longing for something else, we’re being asked to see the whole of our lives at this moment to experience a sense of being content with our circumstances and not wanting to change anything.

Focus on the image on the card. Feel the energy of the entire world – full of colours and experiences – that reflect a full and complete spectrum of sights, sounds, emotions, and a state of being. Imagine taking on that energy yourself. What does it feel like? Where is the feeling of being whole located in your body? How can you find that place again the next time you feel like something is missing? How can you tap into this power whenever you need it? If you can feel it – truly embody it – you can replicate it.

The circle on the card invokes a sense of wholeness – with no beginning and no end. Regardless of any challenges or problems we may be facing, we are always complete beings. Every now and then though, we need to shift our perspective to see the big picture in order to embrace it and see that everything is connected. We are part of a larger universe and we’re all important parts of its story.

Until next week, xo

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