Weekly Tarotscope
June 10 – June 18, 2018

June 11, 2018

The Emperor is the father. Represented by an evergreen tree, he’s the counterpart to the Empress – a deciduous tree that’s in constant flux and change. While the Empress will grow new buds and blossom in cycles, The Emperor remains solid, regardless of the time of year. He represents structure, order, and discipline. He calls to the side of us that’s protective, decisive, and truly stable. Along with this energy comes clarity of mind and in turn, decisiveness and action.

The Emperor can point to a literal paternal relationship in our lives – someone who can help guide us to move in the right direction. It can also beckon us to tap into the part of us that stands tall and knows what to do and how to move in this world. The part within us that stands its ground confidently and is unwavering. He speaks to the importance of consistency and order in our lives. He’s a sign to remind us that a healthy dose of discipline is crucial to helping us learn, grow, and create.

This week, we’re being called to tap into this paternal energy. In which areas of your life could you use more confidence? Is there someone you can lean on to help you navigate the tough spots coming up for you now? Where could you use more discipline and how can that steadfastness help to secure solid footing in your life?

Until next week, xoxo

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