Weekly Tarotscope July 23 – July 29, 2017

The Father of Pentacles is a steady and entrepreneurial force. A gentle man, he’s truly confident without being cocky and works towards what he wants. At first meeting, he can be construed as dull due to his calm and even temperament however, underneath is a passionate soul who prioritizes the stability of his job, family, and home. Complete, present, and multifaceted, he has a dynamic energy.

While the Mother of Pentacles directs her energy inwards (looking at the root of problems) the Father turns his energy outwards – more concerned with solutions than causes. He has a positive self image and no qualms about what he stands for with a healthy sense of self esteem by working hard to create results. He’s a natural leader and wants to make a real impact on the world. He supports others in their goals and is reliable and straight-forward.

This week we’re asked to look at how we can incorporate these aspects more into our daily lives. Consider how consistency and reliability are being portrayed by yourself and others around you. When you come head-to-head with challenges this week, consider the skills you have to work through them. Focus on solutions and step fully into your worth. Focus on what you can do and your abilities.

Until next week, xoxo

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