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Weekly Tarotscope July 16 – July 22, 2017

The Son of Wands is a true charmer – handsome and adventurous. He’s a beacon of self-confidence and assurance. The wand he holds appears to be a beacon, shining light upon everything in its wake. Strutting along, he holds himself in high regard, whether or not it’s merited.

While we can’t help but admire his self-assuredness, it seems to border on cockiness. He’s banking on things working his way and likely has no back up plan in case things go awry.

The Son of Wands seeks new adventures and certainly won’t stick around when things get boring or stagnant. He follows the next great adventure but often has a tough time staying in the moment.

This card suggests that it may be high time to introduce this type of passionate and confident energy in your life. What feels new and exciting to you right now? How can you dive headfirst into something that lights you up? What can you do to bring some novelty and inspire a new energy in your life? March towards excitement but be cautious of the implications of your actions.

Until next week, xo

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