Weekly Tarotscope January 21 January – 27, 2018

Welcome to my favourite card in the deck: the death card. Now, I know, I know. This card can be rather intimidating. After all, death isn’t a particularly easy thing to face. However, if we don’t take it literally, it’s really rather beautiful. For the week ahead, we’re asked to give some thought and focus to the things that must end in our lives.

Consider patterns, behaviours, thoughts, and perspectives that no longer serve you. What can you move beyond to see and feel the world differently?

Consider any type of energy that you’ve been carrying around that no longer works for you. Have you been holding a grudge? Stressing out about the future or lamenting the past? How can you approach difficult situations differently to allow you the ability to shed any negativity, guilt, or worry?

Consider your personal and work space. Are your areas cluttered – littered with stuff that you can sort through, throw out, giveaway, gift, or donate?

Move through the week ahead keeping in mind how you can shed the stuff you simply don’t need anymore. Clear the way for a new energy in 2018.

Until next week, xoxo

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