Weekly Tarotscope August 20 – August 26, 2017

Whenever we see a card in the suit of cups come up in a reading, we’re being asked to bring our attention to our emotions. A watery symbol of the currents of emotions, it often deals with our connections to others and matters of the heart.

The Daughter of Cups (one card previous to this in a deck) has a child-like innocence to her and we can still see some of that innocence here but with it comes new levels of complexity. In the background, we can see that the lines are slanted – suggesting that this energy represents a varied, multi-dimensional emotional sphere rather than stability.

A little reserved with his emotions, we can see a gamut of colours rising from a cup that sits in front of the Son, representing that he’s feeling a whole spectrum of emotions. He holds these close to him so that they can be examined. While the Son sees the beauty in life and can see poetry in his own self-reflection, he’s also prone to moods and being over-sensitive.

The son represents paradoxes when it comes to our emotions. While he can be introspective, he can also be self-indulgent. He’s poetic but this can also be quite sappy and while he’s intuitive, he can ignore logic. The Son of Cups is learning how to handle the spectrum of his bubbling internal world.

This week we’re being asked to approach situations with a balanced perspective and compassion. We’re being asked to examine our deeper feelings and motivations and understand if the emotional energy at work within us is healthy. Is it possible that our emotions are bubbling wildly? Now is the time to hone our skills in navigating our emotional landscape and understand how to express our feelings without overwhelming ourselves or others.

Until next week, xoxo


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