Weekly Tarotscope April 30 – May 6, 2017

April 30, 2017

The Pentacles are associated with the earth element – the tangible realm, physicality, the home, money, and work. The Ace contains the entirety of the potential of this element.

The Ace of Pentacles is represented by a tree stump with a bright orange and yellow centre. If we correspond these colours with the chakras, we relate to a place within ourselves that holds our sense of confidence. So at the centre of this solid and sturdy tree stump, grounded in the earth, sits our centre of strength. Sprouting from this trunk, are several branches growing in different directions. As these branches are new growth, so too are we experiencing new growth from a place of confidence.

This card represents new and prosperous beginnings. And as we take part in prosperous beginnings, we’re reminded to remain grounded as we begin our new ventures. The Ace of Pentacles reminds us that growth comes when we’re consistent, practical, and willing to commit to the nitty-gritty actions required to create something new. Good things will come our way if we can come up with a plan and take a grounded approach. We may also find a windfall of wealth coming our way.

Where can you activate your resources – both internal and external? Where are you currently and what do you want to build from here? This is about being confident in the space you’re in as you continue to expand and grow. Have faith that you’re progressing and take your next steps with trust.

Until next week, xoxo


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