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February 4 – February 10, 2018

February 3, 2018

The Mother of Swords perches confidently and strong. With sharp perception and a keen eye, she’s a no-bullshit and straight-to-the-point soul. Her card, simply black and white with solid straight lines reminds us of a strong sense of determination. Dignified and regal, she prefers things to be drama-free. Extremely knowledgeable in her field, she moves ahead full force with her convictions, but she isn’t unkind.

Because of her in-depth knowledge, she’s not easily fooled and nothing gets by her. She can quickly grasp any challenges she needs to face and she’s adaptable to what’s required of her in sticky situations. She has a keen understanding of life and can be an excellent teacher.

When this card comes up, it can mean one of two things. It can be calling us to embrace these qualities within ourselves to handle any difficult situations as they arise and it can also be referring to someone in our lives who embodies these characteristics.

Are you finding it easy to stick to your gut and intuition to make certain difficult decisions? If so, keep moving along and trust yourself. If, however, you’re having a tough time with things and need to uncover a clearer direction – is there someone in your life you can depend on? Do you have a Mother of Swords figure that you can tap into for some much-needed advice? Now is the perfect time to reach out.

Until next week, xoxo

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