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February 26 – March 4, 2017

February 26, 2017

New Moon Tarot Spread

Sunday’s new moon is in Pisces and that means we’re being pulled into Piscean vibes right now. The final sign in astrology, Pisces is known as ‘old soul’ energy that can understand all the signs preceding it and as such, can see and empathize with multiple perspectives and can appreciate ‘both sides of the coin’. Pisces is captured by a visual of two fish, each swimming opposite each other. Think of this as an energy of extremes and duality: push + pull, light + dark, beginnings + endings, certainty + confusion, reality + fantasy. One end of the spectrum can’t be understood without the other.

New moons are known as the time to claim new beginnings and getting clear on what we need to do to bring those new beginnings into the light.

This week’s three-card spread sheds light on what we can work on over not only the next 7 days, but over the next couple of weeks as this energy is especially strong. The first card brings our attention to our current energy and let’s us know where our focus is right now. The second card sheds light on what energy we can tap into for clarity and the third – what we need to continue moving + growing.

First card. The eight of swords looks at how we may be feeling trapped or powerless in a situation. A butterfly stuck in its pupa surrounded by threats and obstacles, this card signifies the idea that we’re ready to spread our wings and fly but we see no way out and are lacking a sense of ease. Caught in the middle of its transformation, the butterfly is suspended. Where are you stuck right now? What are you not seeing that can help you get out of this stagnant energy? Are you focusing on negatives and obstacles only, as opposed to tapping into the energy that will help you see another angle and point of view? How can you change your view to see a way out? Where can you be more playful to add a sense of fluidity and movement?

Second card. We’re being called to tap into our intuition instead of focusing on being stuck. The son of wands is a beacon of self-confidence bordering on cockiness; strong on his first plan of action but not much to back it up. Sly as a snake, there’s something here that can’t be trusted. A true charmer, handsome and adventurous – he always knows what to say and seems practically perfect but perfection is an illusion after all. And as much as Pisces loves to play in the world of fantasy, it’s important to see the truth behind the ideal and go beyond our illusions. Is there someone in your life that you feel can’t be trusted or isn’t quite what they seem, despite their ability to look perfect? Have you been hanging onto this idea of perfection and in turn, losing grip with the truth or your ability to see through the fog? How can you take on this type of passionate and confident energy in your life while being cautious of the implications of your actions?

Third card. The mother of swords represents sharp perceptions and expertise. Once we’re aware of the illusions we’ve been hanging onto and been charmed with, we see how we can continue to move forward. The mother of swords represents someone who’s extremely knowledgeable and all-knowing in her field. A straight-shooter with a no bullshit approach, she holds an air of dignity by choosing clear communication. She is adaptable and can see many sides of an equation but is also capable of spitting out constructive criticism. Nothing gets by her and she’s not easily fooled by people and situations because she can get to the heart of the matter. The mother of swords reminds us to move forward by tuning into a more realistic approach. Where can you lean on your expertise to make more sound decisions that you can stick to? How can a more realistic approach to a person or situation help you get ‘unstuck’?

‘Til next week, xo

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