Weekly Tarotscope:
February 19 – February 25, 2017

February 19, 2017

The suit of Swords relates to the element of air and deals within the realm of ideas, reason, and communication. The Swords suit deals with consciousness, the mind, and the intellect. It brings our attention to the quality of mind present in our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Just as swords are double-edged, this suit symbolizes the fine balance between intellect and power, and the fusion between these two to be used for good or evil.

The Daughter of Swords is all about keeping it simple. She gazes ahead as if she has nothing to hide. She’s straight-forward and doesn’t bother with frills or worrying about nonsensical things. She represents an approach to life where we no longer choose to focus on the ways we can complicate things and situations. Instead, she asks us to approach life with a sense of simplicity and ease. She’s always watching and her insight and honesty take her far. But rather than become convoluted in her observations, she chooses to simply observe. Without judgement. Without trying to change things. Without trying to take control. Without drama.

Where can you uncomplicate things? How can you bring more ease to your life by letting go of needing to control outcomes? How can you simplify solutions for challenges and issues you’re facing? In which situations can you see another perspective that will help you shed light on things and possibly let go of an old perspective, attitude, or mindset you’ve had that you know no longer serves you?


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