Hey, you.

Welcome. This is where I lay it down. Inspiration. Word flow. Musings on the messiness of being human. My hope is that something resonates with you. That we connect through things that inspire us both to be soulful, grounded and in touch with something higher than routine, the hustle and the grind. Oh. And I made you something.

Stretch + Move

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She warily bows her form to the earth and humbly places her palms upon the ground accepting the need to surrender knowing she can no longer fight the persistent anger the heavy sadness the paralyzing anxiety and the fear buried deep beneath it all – knowing she can no longer fight herself. As her body stretches moves and twists –

Meditation On Release

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Today I say goodbye to the versions of myself that seek validation acceptance and permission. The parts of me that rationalize apologize and explain for fear of being misunderstood forgotten and ignored. I hereby release the need to control the circumstances around me and understand the reasoning behind why things happen the way they do. I hereby release the need

Love Notes

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I’d like to know what puts a smile on your face so that I can see your eyes light up for me so that I can pull you out of a funk so that I can make you glow. Show me the side of you that isn’t afraid to explore the world for fear that you might unveil a truth