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Welcome. This is where I lay it down. Inspiration. Word flow. Musings on the messiness of being human. My hope is that something resonates with you. That we connect through things that inspire us both to be soulful, grounded and in touch with something higher than routine, the hustle and the grind. Oh. And I made you something.

The Complaint Department is Closed

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I decided to give myself a one-day challenge this week. I toyed with a couple of things. I could totally cut out sugar, caffeine, carbs or even *gasp* electronics. Ok – I have to try the electronics thing one day, probably a rainy/snowy, lazy Sunday. But until then, I’ve decided that for just one single day this week, I won’t


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Up until my late 20’s, I would do everything within my power to obliterate my naturally curly hair. Armed with a copious variety of smoothing products, I would comb, dry and heat-iron my locks bone straight. Imagine my disappointment when, upon leaving my house on a humid or rainy day, unruly weather would render my long, hard work positively useless.

Communicating Without Saying A Word

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Y’know how people argue that it’s not so much what you say but how you say it that counts? They’re positively right. But I’d argue that this goes far beyond even when you’re directly engaging others. If you really pay attention, people are always communicating, even when they’re not speaking. Picture this with me here: It’s Monday. You’re already in

You Gotta Be You

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We all have those moments when we think of doing something / saying something / going somewhere and we get a little excited inside. We get giddy about something and feel like it’s the right thing to do / say / go to. Sometimes we act on that initial instinct and do what our gut is telling us we need

Oh My, You’ve Changed

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We all have ‘that friend’. You know someone for years. You’ve seen them go through a ton of stuff and think you could easily call their moves in any given situation. You know them inside out and they stopped surprising you years ago. They’ve been the same person since, well, you first met. They’re as predictable to you as the

So You Don’t Know How To Meditate, Huh?

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When someone tells me they don’t know how to meditate, my reply is always, “of course you do!!!” As if there’s one hard and fast rule about how to meditate or that if it doesn’t follow a set protocol, it isn’t really meditation. I want to smack my head against the wall when I read articles that talk about the