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An Urban Hippy’s Toolkit: Crystals

June 23, 2015

Crystals came into my life at the perfect time. After doing years of work figuring out how I could really begin to heal and rewrite the stories I’d written for myself that were no longer working for me, I started to look at the healing power of crystals.

A real crystal (not manmade) is taken from the earth. It has its own vibration, energy and frequency. When we learn more about how crystals work, we can tap into their healing power to begin to heal ourselves.

Free download: crystal starter guide

This week’s video is about how crystals work to heal our lives. And I’ve got a freebie gift fer ya. I’ve created a guide based on my own experience and those of my clients to help you understand how you can use crystals to heal through the chakras.¬†Click here to grab it.

Much love, XXX


Learning Spirituality

An Urban Hippy’s Toolkit: Tarot

June 15, 2015

Whenever I feel a little wonky and the need for some clarity on what I’m feeling or where I’m headed, I turn to my favourite tarot card deck.¬†Designed by The Wild Unknown, it rocks. I always giggle a little when the same card keeps popping up, over and over again, despite the fact that I shuffle those babies thoughtfully.

This week’s video is all about that one card that keeps coming up and how I can no longer deny that clearly, there’s something in there that I need to explore.

Much love, XXX

Authenticity Spirituality

How Your Intuition Speaks To You

June 9, 2015

We often talk about intuition and gut instinct as something intangible and difficult to describe. It’s often seen as an unexplainable and ethereal thing/voice/feeling that guides us and let’s us know when we’re on the right track. And when we’re trying to get in touch with our intuition and understand what we need – where our gut is guiding us – we can sometimes begin to doubt ourselves.

We say it all the time. When you find “the one”, you’ll just know. When you discover your passion and calling in life, you’ll “know it”.

But what does that really mean?

This week’s video is about understanding the difference between our intuition and the fear that can creep in when we know we have to make a big change to move closer to what we need.

Much love, XXX


Lifestyle Spirituality Wellness

Watching Time Slip Through My Fingers

June 2, 2015

“Eat like you love yourself.
Move like you love yourself.
Speak like you love yourself.
Act like you love yourself.”~ Tara Stiles

With June knocking on my door, I remind myself this month to be truly intentional in everything I do.

Being intentional to me means really being tuned in – that I do nothing out of a force of habit. Instead, I become grounded in, and fully aware of, every decision I make and what serves me best.

Do I need that sweet indulgence or am I eating my stress away?

Can I trade an hour of work in front of the laptop for a session with my canvas and paint?

When someone says ‘how are you?’ can I respond in an authentic way instead of automatically responding ‘good, thanks, you?’

When I’m not coming from an intentional space, days, weeks, months and years fly by in a fast blur. Time goes by quickly enough as it is.

This week’s video is about making every moment count by living intentionally.

Much love, XXX