Hey, you.

Welcome. This is where I lay it down. Inspiration. Word flow. Musings on the messiness of being human. My hope is that something resonates with you. That we connect through things that inspire us both to be soulful, grounded and in touch with something higher than routine, the hustle and the grind. Oh. And I made you something.

Dance Break

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I have an easy time celebrating other’s wins but not so much my own. I get excited for friends when it’s their birthday/anniversary/they get a promotion/are celebrating any milestone but rarely get on top of a mountain to sing about what’s feeding my soul. I’d often rather help others celebrate theirs. Well that stops now. Last week Friday, I packed

Don’t Be An Ostrich

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When an ostrich is faced with a predator, rather than look a threat straight in the eye, it’ll stick its head in the sand. Now I can’t say for sure what’s going through its mind but I imagine it’s something like this: “Oh shit. There’s a lion. Shit. There’s no way I’m gonna outrun that sucker. I know what I’ll

I Love You

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I think it’s only fair that we have a frank discussion about romantic love, no? Relationships are hard work. It takes work to grow and foster a connection and love can’t exist without a real connection. When I say work, I don’t mean struggle. Struggle is different. If you’re struggling with someone –

Welcome To The Month Of Love

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From Hallmark cards, to chocolate hearts, long-stem roses and romantic dinners, February is often marked as the Month of Love – the perfect time to profess our undying devotion. We’ve all watched cheesy romantic movies with storybook happy endings. From Bridget Jones and her diary to Katherine Hiegl’s endless pursuit of love, we’re programmed to believe that real love is

Mercury Retro-What?

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Allow me to recap my last couple of weeks for you, if I may? Shit began to hit the fan last Sunday night as I settled down with a glass of robust and spicy red vino to work when I accidentally spilled said vino all over my beloved less-than-1-year-young MacBook Air. As I watched my screen immediately flip to pitch

What Are You Doing Right Now?

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We live in a world of instant gratification. We want everything yesterday and now. Along with that comes the tendency to rush through everything. “I don’t have time for that.” “Hurry up, I don’t have all day.” “Time is money.” “Can we get this done any quicker.” Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for efficiency. There’s no point in