I’m enthralled with souls who share themselves wholly, thoughtfully, and without false pretences. I want to know what broke you down – and more so – what you did to build yourself back up.

I’m a work in progress and figured out a long time ago that I need to be constantly growing, learning, shifting, and evolving. I try to love myself through it all and remember to embrace what feels right and let go of the rest.

Consciously aiming to reside in that magical space between having my head buried in the clouds and my feet planted firmly on the ground, I feel it in my bones when I’ve lost my sense of balance and gently work to pull myself back.

I have the word ‘love’ tattooed on my body as a memento that returning to love solves everything. That includes love of self. Forgiveness. Love for the earth. Unabashed gratitude. Kind words. Heartfelt smiles. Letting it all go.

Sometimes I swear too much, but fuck it. Swearing can be good for your soul.

I believe in the power of comfort food, greens, and music to help us wash away our tears, transform our energy, and embolden us to move ahead.

I recognize that I have tendencies, beliefs, and stories that I tell myself that can sometimes hold me back, stifle my flow, and make me question absolutely everything. I recognize that I have the choice to move beyond those tendencies, beliefs, and stories and that this kind of movement will take conscious recognition, strong intention, and faith in something bigger.

I dwell in the darkness only long enough to appreciate the light.

I often cringe at hearing someone call me a hippy – not because there isn’t something undeniably ‘hippy’ about me – but because I know I can’t be defined by labels. That I’m more than my job title, my relationships with others, and my interests. I believe we’re the sum of all of our experiences and I appreciate my complexities and contradictions.

When I feel like I need some additional support, I sleep with crystals tucked under my pillow and stuffed in my bra. I throw on my favourite lipstick and an outfit I feel good in and I get on with my day.

I’m not religious but I believe in god. I believe that god – universal goodness and life energy – resides in me and you, the trees, the sun, and the sky. I believe I’m connected to a higher realm and my higher self and that most times, I easily channel that greater power. When I find that I’m straining to hear and feel it, I know that getting quiet, present, and still can often resume the flow.

I believe it’s my job to let go when I’m hanging on too tight and too long.

I’m constantly rediscovering and redefining my definition of success because:

I was married and divorced by the time I was 30. Initially, I felt like a big fat failure. Then I realized it was the birth of a new understanding of who I am, what I need, and what I can offer others. It made me who I am today.

And then: 

After six years at an advertising agency and making my way to Senior Account Director, I quit my job and became the poster child for everyone who ever thought about working on their own terms. After three years of speaking, creating, coaching, consulting, and facilitating workshops and seminars while riding a financial roller coaster, I decided that it was time to get a job. Once again, I felt like a fraud. But I also realized that I’d never been more successful in my life. Because I did things that scared the living shit out of me. Because I took a chance on myself. Because I tried.

I believe that sometimes when we change and reconstruct ourselves, we’re really just becoming more of who we truly are. I’m all for inching closer to a space where we feel real, authentic, and more comfortable inhabiting our skin and I would be honoured to share that space with you.