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Let Go. Let Some Magic Into Your Life.

It’s summertime. At this time of year, we’re naturally inclined to take it easy, to veg out and move with the flow of hot days and sticky nights.

This is the perfect time to take a breather and remind ourselves what it means to let go and how important it is to let things fall into place.

This week we’ll be talking about letting go and letting some magic into our lives. Enjoy!

Much love, XXX

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Breathe and Move: Keeping Self Care Simple

We often don’t think about self-care until it’s too late. When we’re run down and spent, we schedule a massage for the following week and consider that taking care of ourselves. We skimp on sleep by working late nights so we stay in bed for an extra hour on Sunday and figure that’ll make up for it. Or we schedule a night out with friends after weeks of feeling off at work or in our relationships to have an all-out venting session.

The problem with waiting until we feel really bad to take care of ourselves is that we let ourselves get to the point where we feel really bad. When we wait until we feel awful, it affects us – and everyone around us – way before we hit rock bottom. Our ability to concentrate and focus suffers. Our stress and anxiety levels rise. We can get snappy and impatient. Or we might feel unmotivated and stuck (then beat ourselves up for being unmotivated and stuck and so begins a vicious cycle).

The key to self-care is taking care of ourselves consistently and making it a priority. When we put self-care at the top of our list, we maintain a steady space where we feel good and we don’t bottom out.

Now I know what you may be thinking. “Wouldn’t it be nice to get weekly massages?” “I’d love to sleep in every day!” “As much as I love nights out, we’re all busy and don’t always have the time.” That’s why it’s important to keep self-care simple. That doesn’t mean that you have to skip the bigger things you do to feel good. You just need an arsenal of things that you can do simply and without too much effort in your day, everyday, to feel good.

Here are 8 ways to incorporate some me-time into your life:

1. Breathe. Breathing is something we do automatically. But when we’re stressed, anxious or bent out of shape, we breathe differently. We take quick and shallow breaths. The next time you you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, take the time to breathe mindfully. Taking even 5 mindful breaths slowly in and out, can do wonders for getting you settled and grounded.

2. Move. The more you’re sitting, the less you’re moving and our bodies were made to move. Now that the weather’s nice, try to incorporate a walk into your workday. If you really are crunched for time and can’t spare 5 or 10 minutes for a walk, just stand up. Roll your neck and shoulders. Bend your knees. Stretch your arms. Stretch and move your body in any way you feel comfortable. Just move.

3. Connect. When we’re busy we can often forget how important it is to connect with others. If you work in an office setting and need something from your co-worker, why not take a walk over to have a chat about what you need rather than sending an email? If you work from home, it can be very motivating to get some work done at a café. Sometimes just getting around other people is what we need to feel re-energized.

4. Wear something you feel good in. You know that sharp outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion? The one that’s been hanging in your closet for the last 8 months? Time to pull it out! We can often forget to have fun with ourselves when we’re feeling off. If wearing something makes you feel good, you’ll walk more confidently. Never underestimate how a change in your body language can change how you feel overall.

5. Start your day with ease. When the alarm clock goes off, rather than grumble as you hit snooze ten times before getting up, wake up mindfully. As you open your eyes, stretch your body. Take a deep breath in and be thankful for the day ahead of you. Ease into your day as you get out of bed. Resist the urge to check your emails or reflect on your mounting to-do list. Take 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to ease into the day before you have to get going with all the things ahead of you.

6. You are what you eat. Think about your body as an engine that needs the right fuel to get going and keep moving. When you start the day with a mug of steaming coffee, you’re essentially steam-rolling your system to get started. Before you do anything else, have a tall glass of water (add some lemon or apple cider vinegar for flavour). Allow your body to re-hydrate. Try to be mindful of what you’re putting into your body during the day and how it’ll help or hinder your energy.

7. Restart the day whenever you need to. If you’re in the middle of a crazy day and the shit hits the fan, remind yourself that you can reset the day at any point. When we carry drama from one moment to the next, it has a cumulative effect. Rather than carry the baggage of the day with you, recognize that you’re having a rough day, give yourself a hug and start again. Feel lighter by letting go of any stress you may be feeling and remember that you can either let the stress bring you down or decide to move beyond it.

8. End your day right. Think of some rituals that work for you at the end of the day to unwind. What you want to do is let go of stress – anything that may have been difficult or overwhelming – and know that the next day doesn’t have to be the same. Take a bath. Read a book in bed. Meditate. Journal. Do some yoga. Pick something that you like to do every night before bed to focus on good stuff as opposed to reliving the stress of the day.


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Self love challenge

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Putting The Yin In Your Yang

I was bumming around on Facebook the other day when I came across a post by one of my good friends on her blog. Daniela is currently engaged in a jaunt around the world, beginning in Asia, where she’s been able to let loose and really get to know herself again.

The post that caught my eye and stole my heart is about her time in Bali. I squealed aloud with glee when I read that her experience there has her convinced that she was a surfer in a previous life. (I’m hoping I do some good work in this life so that I can come back as a ridiculously spoiled and adored house cat the next time around, but I digress.)

As I read about this next stage in her journey, I felt like I was there with her. The salt in my hair, the sun in my eyes and kissing my skin, the sand between my toes. I was able to feel that way because she’s a fab writer and she set the scene but what she said also resonated with me because she reminded me of how I want to feel in my life.

Later that day, I was walking down Queen W, weaving my way through the typical downtown foot traffic and all of a sudden, got the distinct urge to slow my pace and look around for a bench to grab a seat. I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get anywhere so I thought, “sure. Why the heck not.”

It was when I planted my butt on a bench and took a minute to just breathe and look around that I recalled every detail of Daniela’s post but this time, I saw how it related to my version in the city.

I let myself feel the lull in the heat of the day, I sat back and squinted my eyes in the sun as I watched the world go by. I went with the flow of the moment and decided not to move at break-neck speed like everyone around me. Instead, I opted to find myself in the space that I was in. What Daniela’s post reminded me of was my feminine energy and how much easier it feels when I’m in that space.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism, the world is made up of two opposing energies – Yin and Yang – or feminine and masculine energy. While these are opposing forces, they are also complementary. They work together to create harmony and order in the natural world. A world that has only the masculine or feminine energy at play is a world out of balance.

I love the way that Rachel Jayne Groover interprets these opposing and complementary energies in her book called: Powerful and Feminine: How To Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract The Attention You Want.

Interpretative YIN – YANG table

Feminine – Masculine

Internal – External

Shadow – Transcendence

Mother Earth – Father Spirit

Nature – Culture

Feeling – Thinking

Intuition – Logic

Attraction – Assertion

Collective – Individual

Flexible – Rigid

Flow – Go

Process – Outcome

Sustainability – Peak Experience

When we tune into our sense of wonder for life, connection to nature, emotional charge, intuition, ability to be flexible and go with the flow, we tune into our feminine or yin energy. Now this is energy I’m talking about here – this has nothing to do with being a man or a woman, it’s all a matter of energy. So when I need to get shit done, when I have 5 minutes to get somewhere that should take me 10 and I have to hustle to get there, I tune into my masculine energy. When I need to approach something logically, assertively and expect to produce a specific outcome, I tune into my yang energy. And they both have a time and space in my life.

I for one though, recognize that I feel my best when I’m tuned into my feminine energy the most. It permeates my work, life, how I see things and how I interact with people around me. When I’m tuned into my feminine energy, I can see how I manifest things, how I feel at one with situations and outcomes rather than forcing a specific goal.

When do you feel your strongest? How can you bring masculine or feminine energy to the things you do to feel fulfilled and at ease with how you approach things? What kind of energy do you bring to your relationships to support your need and your partner’s need to express energy as both need to in order to feel heard, seen and understood?

Cheers to exploring how energy moves through your life.

Much love, XXX

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An Urban Hippy’s Toolkit: Crystals

Crystals came into my life at the perfect time. After doing years of work figuring out how I could really begin to heal and rewrite the stories I’d written for myself that were no longer working for me, I started to look at the healing power of crystals.

A real crystal (not manmade) is taken from the earth. It has its own vibration, energy and frequency. When we learn more about how crystals work, we can tap into their healing power to begin to heal ourselves.

Free download: crystal starter guide

This week’s video is about how crystals work to heal our lives. And I’ve got a freebie gift fer ya. I’ve created a guide based on my own experience and those of my clients to help you understand how you can use crystals to heal through the chakras. Click here to grab it.

Much love, XXX