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Authenticity, Creativity, Wellness

How I’m Coping With An End Of Summer Funk

There’s been a persistent dialogue running like a broken record in my head over the last couple of weeks.

Psst. Hey you.
You’ve been kinda lazy lately, eh? (P.S. my inside voice is so very Canadiana.)
When was the last time you worked out?
You’ve been doing a lot of Netflix marathons on the couch lately. (I have been but they’ve BEEN SO GOOD.) Continue Reading

Authenticity, Creativity, Wellness

Reflections. Uncoverings. Rememberings. Discoveries.

Find a cozy spot: a space within which you can perch undisturbed. Grab a pen. Snag your favourite notebook or journal. Because there’s something magical in pen to paper. Ink to canvas. Imagination and honesty oozing from your fingertips. Write without thinking. Without editing. Without hesitation. And when you’re finished, tuck your thoughts away. Let them sink and settle. Return to them later: whenever you need a reset. A restart. A reminder. Continue Reading