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Join us on March 5th for My Epoch

Grab your tickets! A chiropractor, an actor, one clinical psychologist, a reluctant extrovert and an aspiring entrepreneur come together to bring you My Epoch.

There is an emerging desire for authentic connections through quality conversations.

This series of events was created to free ourselves from cognitive and emotional rigidity thereby enhancing our sense of control, focus and pleasure.

Learning, sharing and celebrating in a novel environment will be the catalyst for better choices and behaviours.

The inaugural event is a balance of coherence, intrigue and provocation that is beautifully curated.

Welcome to My Epoch.

epŸ och: /epək/

A moment.

A process.

An attitude.

A period of time in your life marked by a notable shared event. Engage in an opportunity to network, not work.

Stay a Seeker.

The Evening’s Speakers:

Dr. Mehran Tabrizi. Chiropractor & Osteopathy. Movility Founder. A Brain New Way To Be.

Dennis McCormac. Scientist/Creator. Converging art and science to open minds and educate the public in an accessible way. Genotype – Phenotype – Denotype…Are you my type?

Dr. Stacy Thomas. Clinical Psychologist.  Design Your Life.

Greg Hum. Student Affairs Practitioner. Adventure seeker. Geek. Adventures Of A Reluctant Extrovert.

Corinne K. Change Catalyst. Content Creator. Embracing Imperfect Success.

Zach Smadu. Professional Actor. Freelance Athlete. Maker of things both tangible and elusive. Life-Hacks From Acting.

Complimentary appetizers and drinks.

Dress Code: Look good. Feel good.


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Channeling Your Inner Rock Star

I’m not a SuperBowl fan. Football doesn’t keep my attention – it just doesn’t rock my boat. I’m way more likely to tune in for the insanely-priced commercial spots (marketing and mass media messaging fascinates me) and the halftime show (if I’m feelin’ the performer). So when I found out that Beyonce was part of the magic, I was all in this past Sunday. Glued to the TV, I watched the woman rock a football field like nobody’s business.

There’s something ethereal about her that intrigues me. If you see her in an interview, she’s a pretty humble and soft-spoken soul. But you put that woman in the spotlight – the thick of her element – and everything changes. Something clearly takes over and she becomes a powerhouse, owning the moment. There’s something remarkable about it to me. Not to mention inspiring.

In fact, she can pinpoint when she first felt like she was clearly tapping into something outside of herself and named her alter-ego Sasha Fierce. She gives herself permission to play big through Sasha. When she taps into Sasha’s energy she’s strong, bold, sexy, powerful and has a clear vision of what she wants.

What would change if we gave ourselves the same permission – the permission to play big? 

Opening To New Possibilities 

When we give ourselves the permission to play big, we open up to big possibilities. Think about the last time you told yourself that something you really wanted to do/experience/be was impossible. How did that feel? I bet it felt kinda shitty, huh?

While analytical, logical left-brain thinking has its place in life, there’s magic in knowing when to throw caution to the wind and be bold. To dream. To take chances and do the things that scare us the most – especially when we know that we’ll look back in regret if we don’t try something out. And more often than not, when we take a step towards something we know we have to try – however small – other opportunities present themselves. Play big. Open up, see what happens and take a chance on yourself. 

Creating Presence By Being Present

When we’re present with every moment, we can see how things shift. We often live in our heads – going through our to-do lists, rehearsing past conversations and obsessing about details that really don’t matter at the end of the day – and this translates to our body language. I know that I’m stressing out about stuff and that I’m stuck in my head when I get clumsy. As soon as I drop something or cut my finger while prepping dinner, I check in with myself and ask if I’m being present with what’s in front of me. And every time, I can honestly say that I’m not.

Getting present with myself starts with getting into my body. Am I sitting up straight or slouching? Am I walking around with my chin up and shoulders relaxed, taking in the world around me or staring at the pavement worrying to myself? When I’m nervous, I tend to fidget so I check in when that starts to happen. Rather than fidgeting, I remind myself to be still, chill out and tune in to what’s happening around me.

Do you have an important meeting coming up? Wear something you feel good in. That feel-good attitude will come through. And ladies – bust out your favourite lipstick – never underestimate what a kick ass shade can do for shifting your energy. This isn’t about being materialistic or focusing more on the outside than the inside – it’s about recognizing that when we do things to feel good, that goodness oozes into our lives. Play big. Feel good, exude confidence and create a presence. 

Creative energy

As we constrain ourselves, we stifle our creativity. When we’re confronted with a problem at work or in our personal lives and get stumped on the solution, it’s often because we’re limiting our perspective. We get stuck in the situation when we need to be boundless to see creative ways out of a muck. There’s a reason why ‘think outside of the box’ has become so cliche. Try shifting your energy. When we’re faced with a problem, sometimes it helps to find something funny about it. When we take ourselves too seriously, we place undue pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Step back and see if things are as bad as they appear to be in the moment. And take a breather. The best solutions come to mind when we let go and let the answers come to us. The more we try to force a resolution, the harder it gets.

I can distinctly remember a situation where I was stuck. I had a rather sticky situation with a friend and no idea of how to communicate what I was feeling in a way that was true to me, set boundaries for the next time and helped her understand where I was coming from. So I let it go. I literally said out loud, ‘Ok universe. I’m done trying to figure this out. Help me here. I’m leaving this to you to send back to me with a resolution,’ and I let it go. I imagined myself crumpling my problem up like a ball of paper and throwing it up in the air. When my mind started to circle around the same thoughts, I just got present to what I was doing. And then it just hit me.

I was sitting on the subway, sitting with the flow of people on the train and the noises around me and all of a sudden, clear as day, I knew what I had to say and when it had to happen. My body filled with goosebumps (my personal sign that I’m tapping into my intuition) and I felt confident in what I would say. 

When we play big, we’re not afraid to tell it like it is and express ourselves.

I may not be Beyonce and I’m sure as hell not gonna sell out stadiums of people waiting to hear me sing. But, I do know that things change when I shift into a space where I’m willing to play big. And seeing someone take on the world with her passion inspires me to do the same – in the way I’m supposed to do it. So when I feel like I need a pick-me-up, you can bet Beyonce’s on full blast and I’m probably dancing. Now it’s not all unicorns, rainbows and sunshine. I’ve stumbled, made mistakes and had ‘wtf was I thinking’ moments too and sometimes playing big means that we screw up. But despite all the setbacks, blunders and doubts, I can honestly say that trying stuff that I never thought I could feels way better than wondering ‘what if’.

Creativity, Learning, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Wellness

Motivation, Inspiration and Self-Care Product Reco’s

The best thing we can do for ourselves is find the stuff that really light us up – that motivates, inspires and takes care of us – and make that stuff a part of our everyday life.

First, connect to self. 

Call this whatever you want – connecting to your soul, spirit, your higher self, intuition – regardless of its name, it’s all the same. Before we can do any quality work in this world, we have to be sure to fill ourselves up. If we get to work or life feeling packed to capacity, we don’t have room to let the good stuff in. And you can’t fill an already full container, can you? We have to empty some stuff out to create a space for creation.

Extreme gratitude. Reverence. Intention. 

I don’t get out of bed without tuning into a vibe of gratitude. I feel gratitude for the littlest of things that I might otherwise takIMG_5560e for granted. Even my crazy part-Siamese cat who has a nasty habit of bellowing on the top of his lungs like the house is on fire to remind me that it’s breakfast time. This isn’t about running through a list of things because someone once told me that gratitude is super powerful (and I know it is). This is about actually feeling grateful for the little things that make up my life. It’s about creating the day through mindful mornings.

For me, showering is my time to set an intention. Call it prayer, divination, manifestation – whatever you like – I set the firm intention to be present in my day. I let myself be fully aware of the warm water running over my skin, the fact that my feet are firmly planted on the ground and I try to take that vibe with me everywhere I go.

Focus and tarot love.

Being intentional also has to do with setting focus. When I’m questioning my focus for the day or evening, I’ll pull a card with the intention to understand what I need to concentrate on. This isn’t about predicting the future or some crazy voodoo shit, this is just my way to shine a light on what I might not be seeing. I like to have a choice of decks depending on how I’m feeling at the moment. They all have a different way of communicating what I need. That’s why I have a pretty phat collection of tarot decks to play with. When I’m looking for a gentle reading, I reach for my Doreen Virtue angel cards. When I want to get lost in a visual and focus on how to feel for the day, my goddess cards will do the trick. And my Wild Unknown deck is a favourite when I’m feeling for a straight-up intuitive hit. I have other decks too. I used to think that I needed to stick to one but now I know I’d rather have a selection depending on my mood.

Simple self-care. 

I have to be honest, the first time I attempted oil pulling, I was totally grossed out. Putting a spoon of coconut oil into my mouth just felt weird. But I wanted to see if all the hype to it was true. So I stuck to it for a week and I’ve never looked back. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my teeth and gums (not to mention that my dentist asked me what I was doing differently too). I’ve also chucked my department store-bought toothpaste and substituted for a natural clean. I’ve been on a real kick to rid my body of harmful chemicals and coconutextra non-essential ingredients in my self-care routine (hello natural deodorant, diy body lotion (aka coconut oil), skin cleanser and facial toner).

And finally, I refuse to buy hundreds of dollars worth of skin-firming, wrinkle-defying, age-enhancing products chock full of ingredients that I would never ingest let alone shouldn’t be shovelling onto my skin. Instead, I’m keeping myself hydrated. I start my day with a tall glass of room temperature water with either lemon or apple cider vinegar, which clean out impurities, signal my digestive system to wake up and start my daily hydration. I make it hard for myself to ‘forget’ or ‘get too busy’ to drink water throughout the day by bringing a metal container of H2O with me when I’m on the go and keeping a tall glass filled with water at my side when I’m working.

Meditation. Silence. Mindfulness.

I might not have a huge chunk of time every single day to mediate but I sure as hell take time every day to get quiet. My sanity, creativity, relationship with myself and others depends on it. Meditation and mindfulness is all about achieving a moment of mental inactivity – where I don’t get carried away with my never-ending judgements and thoughts and can have a chance to get mindful to what’s happening in my day.

Accidental altars.

I didn’t set out with the intention to create a pretty little altar in my home, it kind of just happened. I intuitively began to collect little somethings that had a lot of meaning to me – all in one spot beside my bed. What started as a stark night table is now a collection of my favourite things. From books to candles, to stones and crystals, feathers and bodhi beads, I have a small space that holds energy for me. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a love note to yourself or a photo of your dream home – but it’s super powerful to hold a space of meaning that’s just for you. And change it up every now and then – make it a living expression of your essence.

Music. Dance. Move.

Music is medicine for the soul. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you’re in, there’s something for everyone. Wanna temporarily brood over a rough day or failed romance? Go for it. Wanna solo impromptu dance party kinda of evening? Do it. Listen, soak it up and let your body move if you’re so inclined. Speaking of movement, there’s no better cure for being stuck than getting moving. Yoga, walk, jog, or sweat it out. 10 minutes or 1 hour, it doesn’t matter. Just. Move.

Much love.

Creativity, Learning, Lifestyle

Ladybugs & Lessons

I’m all about signs and synchronicity in life. When things pop up more than once, I think we have to take a clear look at what’s being thrown our way. Things happen more than once for a reason to grab our attention.

This week’s video is all about how I had an aha-moment with ladybugs that I had to share with you guys. Check it out!

Much love, XXX