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The tarot is used as a tool to know ourselves better. The cards let us get out of our own way by offering focus and expanding that focus beyond what may be immediate and sitting at the surface. By digging deeper.

For the Weekly Tarotscopes, I pull a card as a focus for the week ahead. Use them as a guide and move with what resonates with you.

Creativity Tarotscopes

Weekly Tarotscope
July 16 – July 22, 2017

July 16, 2017

The Son of Wands is a true charmer – handsome and adventurous. He’s a beacon of self-confidence and assurance. The wand he holds appears to be a beacon, shining light upon everything in its wake. Strutting along, he holds himself in high regard, whether or not it’s merited.

While we can’t help but admire his self-assuredness, it seems to border on cockiness. He’s banking on things working his way and likely has no back up plan in case things go awry.

The Son of Wands seeks new adventures and certainly won’t stick around when things get boring or stagnant. He follows the next great adventure but often has a tough time staying in the moment.

This card suggests that it may be high time to introduce this type of passionate and confident energy in your life. What feels new and exciting to you right now? How can you dive headfirst into something that lights you up? What can you do to bring some novelty and inspire a new energy in your life? March towards excitement but be cautious of the implications of your actions.

Until next week, xo


Weekly Tarotscope
June 25 – July 1, 2017

June 27, 2017

The four of wands symbolizes completion and celebration with a renewed recognition of where we want to go from here. We celebrate the fact that our labours have been steady and strong and the resulting harvest will be plentiful. To put it another way – it’s time to party.

Looking at the card, we can see that the wands criss-cross with an indigo centre. Indigo represents the third eye and our place of inner knowing and intuition. This focus reminds us that at the centre of our current completion lies an innate understanding of where we’ve been and where we’re going. The larger background incorporates yellow and orange rays that represent planning and action. The four of wands suggest a combination of intuition and intelligence as we continue to move forward.

The surrounding black lines in the background mirror the pattern on the back of this card and so, this represents the opening of a new portal. We’re essentially actively exploring new dimensions in our lives.

There’s a lot of joy in this card and the wands almost appear to be dancing – as if it were a person stretching out his or her limbs in happiness. We’re being asked to embrace where we’re at and to celebrate how far we’ve come without denying how far there is to go.

Where do you feel like you’ve made great strides in your life? How can you applaud yourself for a job well done and continue plugging away with the momentum you’ve gained? Focus on the part of you that knows the actions you’ve taken are part of a larger journey that may not be entirely clear right now, but is building your future.

Until next week, xo


Weekly Tarotscope
June 18 – June 24, 2017

June 19, 2017

The world card is the final card in the journey of the major arcana and as such, is quite powerful. Encapsulating all the goodness of the tarot, the world card is about wholeness, harmony, contentment, and a sense of being complete.

This type of energy is rare as we’re often typically consumed with wanting and needing more – a striving for more achievement, more things, more experiences – more of everything.

When this card appears, it’s asking us to stop and contemplate the idea of being complete exactly as we are in the moment.

Rather than searching or longing for something else, we’re being asked to see the whole of our lives at this moment to experience a sense of being content with our circumstances and not wanting to change anything.

Focus on the image on the card. Feel the energy of the entire world – full of colours and experiences – that reflect a full and complete spectrum of sights, sounds, emotions, and a state of being. Imagine taking on that energy yourself. What does it feel like? Where is the feeling of being whole located in your body? How can you find that place again the next time you feel like something is missing? How can you tap into this power whenever you need it? If you can feel it – truly embody it – you can replicate it.

The circle on the card invokes a sense of wholeness – with no beginning and no end. Regardless of any challenges or problems we may be facing, we are always complete beings. Every now and then though, we need to shift our perspective to see the big picture in order to embrace it and see that everything is connected. We are part of a larger universe and we’re all important parts of its story.

Until next week, xo


Weekly Tarotscope
June 11 – June 17, 2017

June 11, 2017

The death card is often the last thing we want to see in a reading but truly – the death card is beautiful. It represents transformation and closure.

Don’t let the drama of the death card distract you: something in your life needs to end. This could mean anything – from a relationship, a situation, to an ingrained pattern, a stuck perspective, or a way of thinking that simply doesn’t serve you. The death card asks us to look at what currently isn’t working for us and let it go. Rather than to allow ‘status quo’ to continue and resign to things in our lives that don’t serve us, this week we’re being asked to identify what has to leave us and close that chapter of our lives.

There is no colour to the death card – it’s black and white. This simplicity, harshness, and straight-forward nature is precisely how we have to deal with the things we need to let go of. If they don’t serve us, that’s it. Time to move on and continue growing. As much as we try to deny the inevitable, let’s be real – there’s no escaping death. Rather than resist, we serve ourselves better by choosing our endings when it’s time, rather than having them forced upon us. Embrace the wisdom of respecting closures and letting them go.

Until next week, xo