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The tarot is used as a tool to know ourselves better. The cards let us get out of our own way by offering focus and expanding that focus beyond what may be immediate and sitting at the surface. By digging deeper.

For the Weekly Tarotscopes, I pull a card as a focus for the week ahead. Use them as a guide and move with what resonates with you.


Weekly Tarotscope
August 20 – August 26, 2017

August 20, 2017

Whenever we see a card in the suit of cups come up in a reading, we’re being asked to bring our attention to our emotions. A watery symbol of the currents of emotions, it often deals with our connections to others and matters of the heart.

The Daughter of Cups (one card previous to this in a deck) has a child-like innocence to her and we can still see some of that innocence here but with it comes new levels of complexity. In the background, we can see that the lines are slanted – suggesting that this energy represents a varied, multi-dimensional emotional sphere rather than stability.

A little reserved with his emotions, we can see a gamut of colours rising from a cup that sits in front of the Son, representing that he’s feeling a whole spectrum of emotions. He holds these close to him so that they can be examined. While the Son sees the beauty in life and can see poetry in his own self-reflection, he’s also prone to moods and being over-sensitive.

The son represents paradoxes when it comes to our emotions. While he can be introspective, he can also be self-indulgent. He’s poetic but this can also be quite sappy and while he’s intuitive, he can ignore logic. The Son of Cups is learning how to handle the spectrum of his bubbling internal world.

This week we’re being asked to approach situations with a balanced perspective and compassion. We’re being asked to examine our deeper feelings and motivations and understand if the emotional energy at work within us is healthy. Is it possible that our emotions are bubbling wildly? Now is the time to hone our skills in navigating our emotional landscape and understand how to express our feelings without overwhelming ourselves or others.

Until next week, xoxo



Weekly Tarotscope
August 13 – August 19, 2017

August 11, 2017

As we look at the Ten of Wands, we’re overpowered by the sharp black lined background. The visual is reminiscent of a heavy rainstorm and the darkness is so pronounced, we can barely see the wands scattered about.

When we start the suit of wands, things appear to be mostly happy, hopeful, and inspired. The ten of wands however, depicts utter disarray. It’s as if we’ve almost given up on a bright direction and are left with a dead end – overloaded and overburdened. What we see here is burnout and the resulting blockage and difficulty.

We see here how mental or physical burdens have weighed us down – leading to a sense of hopelessness. This is a wake up call! What was once excitement has become too much of a good thing and we’ve likely lost our focus. The excitement has essentially imploded upon itself.

This card is a reminder that enthusiasm is not the only necessary ingredient for forward movement in life. We can often take on more projects, tasks, and directions than we can reasonably carry. At this point, we’ve reached maximum capacity and as things slow down and become tiresome, we’re reminded to prioritize and declutter so we can keep moving with the good stuff.

Is there anywhere right now where you can let go of the expectations you’ve piled on yourself to over-deliver? How can you lighten your load – as excited as you may be – to take on new challenges and embrace an easier, less overwhelming approach to everything you’ve piled onto your plate? Who can you rally to help support you through all the heavy lifting you’ve been doing?

Until next week, xoxo


Weekly Tarotscope
August 7 – August 12, 2017

August 7, 2017

The world card is the final card in the tarot deck, and as such, represents completion. This sense of being complete is complemented by a feeling of wholeness, actualization, and integration.

If we look closely at the image on the card, we can see there’s a feeling of complexity happening in the outer circles. Multiple lines, colours and repeated patterns begin to simplify as we reach the centre, which stands as solid white. As we begin to break down the complexities we’ve been facing, things actually get easier and more clear. This is the point we’re at this week.

There’s also a duality of light and dark throughout, suggesting that things have likely been teetering between the conscious and unconscious. As we near completion now though, everything is brought to the light for us to see and tie up any loose ends.

The circle itself invokes a sense of wholeness – with no beginning and no end. Regardless of the challenges we may be facing or any emotional turmoil we have confronted, we’re always complete beings. Sometimes we just need to shift our perspective to see the big picture and not get bogged down in the details. Time to let go about worrying about outcomes and trying to control things. Now is the time to realize that things are perfect just the way they are – imperfections and all.

This card shows up to remind us that we’re whole and complete and something within us is ready for integration. We’ve gained momentum through our experiences and this card asks that we hold space to integrate the lessons that are prominent for us now.

Until next week, xo


Weekly Tarotscope
July 23 – July 29, 2017

July 23, 2017

The Father of Pentacles is a steady and entrepreneurial force. A gentle man, he’s truly confident without being cocky and works towards what he wants. At first meeting, he can be construed as dull due to his calm and even temperament however, underneath is a passionate soul who prioritizes the stability of his job, family, and home. Complete, present, and multifaceted, he has a dynamic energy.

While the Mother of Pentacles directs her energy inwards (looking at the root of problems) the Father turns his energy outwards – more concerned with solutions than causes. He has a positive self image and no qualms about what he stands for with a healthy sense of self esteem by working hard to create results. He’s a natural leader and wants to make a real impact on the world. He supports others in their goals and is reliable and straight-forward.

This week we’re asked to look at how we can incorporate these aspects more into our daily lives. Consider how consistency and reliability are being portrayed by yourself and others around you. When you come head-to-head with challenges this week, consider the skills you have to work through them. Focus on solutions and step fully into your worth. Focus on what you can do and your abilities.

Until next week, xoxo