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Happy New Year! (Well, Kinda)

I dunno about you but there’s been a lot of shifting, changing and craziness happening lately. Ladies and gentlemen, the proverbial shit has hit the fan. Can I get an amen?!

Six months ago, I decided to throw caution to the wind and make my business my full time endeavour. Living off savings that I carefully stowed away like a squirrel, I declared that come hell or high water, I was going to make it work. Well, the universe has been sending me carefully crafted love letters reminding me that Rome wasn’t built in a day (or six months for that matter) and I finally got the message.

I’ve also received a clear message from the gods to move out of my current condo (a flood from the air bnb’s next door was the perfect swift kick to remind me of the nudge I was feeling to move out). And so went my Reiki studio and in came questions about how to move on with my business and how I define ‘home’.

Along with all this came questions, doubts and fears – all bubbling to the surface – as I tried to navigate my way through the myriad of choices and opportunities I had laying at my feet. And to be quite honest with you, along too came an overwhelming sense of failure. Like a ‘what the heck have I been doing for the last year’ kind of feeling where I wondered if I had made all the right moves to get me where I need to go.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you all this. It’s certainly not because I think I’ve got something to brag about. (This whole thing has been far more humbling than I can say). It’s not because I’m looking for sympathy. (I sat in my own muck and reached out when I was ready to ask for support).

It’s because I know I’m not the only one hitting brick walls right now.

It’s because I can see how other people around me are redefining, rediscovering and reimagining their lives. Not necessarily because they want to – but because they have no choice in the matter.

It’s because I know how powerful it can be to hear someone say ‘yeh, I’m going through my own shit too, thanks for getting real with me.’

It’s because I realized that now, more than ever, I need to remind myself to practice what I preach.

It’s the first day of Fall and naturally, things will be changing. The days will get shorter, the air – crisper. The leaves will be turning all wonderful shades of red, yellow, orange and everything in between.

And with this transition, I’ve decided to start all over again – to uncover a fresh slate.

I’m starting with the easy stuff. My ‘stuff’. Like those books I’ve read once and have been collecting dust on my shelves for years now – they’re getting donated to my local library. Like the blazers I’ve been hanging onto in case, one day, I decide that I’m a blazer kind of chick again (I’m so not anymore). Starting with this stuff is easy but it also creates an energy of simplicity. And I certainly could use some simplicity right about now!

Then I’ll move onto other stuff. Like the need to figure things out in my own head when everything feels like it’s falling apart at the seams. Like the need to control things in an attempt to make the hairy and messy parts of life feel a little less stifling. The more I cling to the need to get it all figured out right now, the more I make rash decisions, move in directions out of fear and hush the little voice inside that already knows what I need.

So you with me? Ready to declare a new beginning? A fresh start? A tossing out of the stuff that may have happened recently to knock you off your centre?

Intend it.
Demand it.
Declare it.
Know that you can have it.

Let’s do this.

Much love, XXX

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Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

“It’s all messy:
The hair. The bed.
The words. The heart.

~ William Leal

Have you felt it lately? A desperate internal cry for action. Your soul urging you to change something that’s just not working anymore. To drop a habit / behaviour / story that’s only been keeping you stuck and unhappy. To get really open, real and raw with the people in your life despite the fact that what you need to say might hurt like hell. To move away from the people and things that aren’t feeding your soul. To move closer to what lights you up.

Don’t run away yet. Sit with it all.

Sit with the messiness. Sit with the confusion. Sit with the crushing feeling on your chest when you realize that something that once felt so right is suddenly so wrong. Sit with the stunning revelation that maybe you don’t have it all figured out yet.

I promise you…

…the more you just sit with it without judgment, without the need to have it all figured out in your head, without the need to fix things…

…that’s where the beauty happens. That’s the place where you begin to hear your soul.

I hear you.
I feel it too.
Something is changing,
It’s raw and it’s real.
It’s exhilarating,
beautiful –
all at the same time.
Sit with it.
Feel it.
Acknowledge it.
Appreciate its presence.
It’s showing you
you’ve been hiding from,
that’s been too painful to look at.
One thing.
That could change

Be with it.

And only when you’re ready,
when you feel it in your bones,
when the confusion begins to lift,
when clarity hits,
when you feel like you can stand again.
Even if it breaks you apart.
Even if it destroys what you once thought to be true.
Even if it makes you question everything about
the world around you.

Only then.
Move through it.

Don’t be afraid to let go of what no longer serves you.
Hold dear to you what needs to remain.
Know that you’re moving into a new space,
a new dimension,
a new way of being.

Be with it.

Do it all over again.


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Poutine, Moshing and Changing Perspectives

My soul is just landing from an epic experience at Wanderlust in Mont Tremblant. Comprising of 6 full days of road tripping, selling studs (Simple Studs specifically), yogic wisdom and movement, meditation, moshing to Nirvana, poutine (of course), encounters with nature, red wine, cheese and bring-you-to-tears laughter – this was a trip I’ll never forget.

I had expectations of how the whole experience would go. I imagined us all hanging out in a large open field with tents set up (most likely memories of 20-something raver days flooding back with nostalgia). I pictured the sun shining brightly with the mountains as a picturesque backdrop as we noshed on organic and healthy meals. With knowing about this trip for a least a month prior, I had a clear picture of how I thought the whole thing would be. And as it often goes when we come along with expectations and assumptions, I was wrong.

The large open field was, in reality, a resort-style environment filled with touristy resto’s and shops. The first couple of days were cloudy and wet. Organic and healthy meals were, for the most part, replaced by over-priced fast food style dining. With every assumption shot down, I realized that I had walked into this whole experience with a bag full of expectations that were just wrong. And it reminded me of how we all approach every experience with our own pair of glasses – our own set of expectations and assumptions of what to expect from people, places and things based on our own personal perspective.

It’s scientific fact that we can change the outcome of any event by simply observing it. Soak that in for a second. By simply witnessing something, we can change how it turns out.

In the case where things weren’t as I anticipated – it was my choice to decide if I wanted to stomp my feet, throw my hands up in the air and declare the trip as a complete write-off for not meeting my expectations, or embrace what was coming up as part of the experience and lean into it. And because I took this trip with 3 other women – each who had come in with their own ideas of how things would roll – I had to take into account that we all had that very same choice and we all saw everything differently. Multiply that with the thousands of other people who were there – locals, tourists unrelated to the event, and Wanderlusters – and all of a sudden, there were thousands of permutations of the same experience. Everyone there had their own idea of what to expect of their time in the mountains and while we were all at the same place, we all saw the entire thing differently. 

We all come into every situation with our own outlook. And more often than not, we move through our days unconsciously projecting our ideas, beliefs and hopes onto everything that happens to, and around, us. We interpret things based on how we see the world – our self-imposed limitations, our beliefs in what we can/can’t do, how things ‘should’ be. So how do we open our eyes to the possibilities out there that we might be completely unaware of? How do we see another point of view and take off our own set of personal blinders?

1. Get quiet and get into your body. More often than not, when we’re stuck in our own version of things, it’s difficult to hear what’s really important – the gut instinct stuff beyond the incessant mind chatter. When we can take some time to get quiet, settle down and get into our body, we can begin to tune in to what we really need. Take a deep breath, notice how you’re feeling and just be with it instead of judging it. Allow your thoughts to just be instead of needing to process and re-process everything in your head.

2. Plant yourself in a new place. I’m a huge believer in the magic of vacationing – going somewhere new to recharge and pull yourself out of the ordinary can do wonders for giving you a fresh view of life. But if you can’t find the time to get away, pick a new spot to discover. Explore the city or town you live in as if you were a tourist. Go to a neighbourhood that you don’t often frequent. Notice something new in your own ‘hood. Take yourself out of your routine as a reminder that there’s plenty of world outside the one you live in every day.

3. Throw down your defences in a disagreement. When we disagree with others, we can often be so caught up in our own point of view that we’re more concerned with defending our stance, opinion or behaviour with little or no regard for someone else’s view of the situation. When we’re formulating our defence as someone else is expressing their opinion, we lose the ability to see where they’re coming from. Throw down the need to be right and listen – really listen to where the other person is coming from. You might be surprised to learn that the stuff you’re arguing about isn’t really the issue at all.

4. Recognize your shit but don’t wear it like a badge. When we become acutely aware of what’s really driving us, we can often make excuses for our behaviour. We can justify that we act a certain way towards others in situations because it’s what we grew up with, what our parents taught us, a result of an experience that shaped our way of looking at the world, etc, etc, etc. And while it’s super important to see the root behind our motivations and actions, it’s also super important to make the conscious decision to move beyond all that shit. When we use our past experiences forever as an excuse to treat others with disrespect, never love again, never trust someone, be the Debbie Downer in a group and so on, we defeat the very purpose of recognizing our shit. We need to see the things we do that don’t serve us and make the conscious effort to move beyond it all.

5. Get input from someone you really trust. We often know when we’re being completely blind to a situation and not seeing it in its true light. In these instances, we’re so busy feeling what we’re feeling, reacting in our own ways and not seeing the big picture. When this happens, it can be really helpful to talk to someone we really trust about it – someone who can take an honest look at the situation at hand and uncover our blind spots with love and respect. We all need someone to talk to that we know can show us what we’re afraid to look at.

It all boils down to realizing that we shape our experiences. We choose whether or not to accept the things that come our way. We have the power to make or break our interactions with others and the world around us. So take off your glasses, turn the world upside down and take a look from another perspective.

Much love, XXX

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Feelin’ Feelings And Silver Linings

I’m a pretty positive person. I like to see the bright side of a situation because I know that good begets good. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have shitty days where I want to crawl back into bed, pull up the covers and pretend that the world outside my door doesn’t exist.

If you’ve done any type of self-development, you’ve no doubt discovered that you can attract more good into your life with a positive attitude. I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a lesson behind every situation and that if you look hard enough, you’ll know there’s a reason things happen. Even the shitty stuff. I’m sure you know that gratitude is a powerful force and can change your entire perspective when you’re feeling down. And I believe all these things are true but…

Before we rush ahead to find the silver lining, before we get back on the positivity bandwagon, before we make of list of what we’re grateful for, we need to feel through the discomfort.

Tell someone who’s just lost a loved one to focus on the good. Tell someone who’s just been diagnosed with a disease that there’s a lesson in the news. Tell someone who’s just ended a 20-year marriage that there’s a silver lining.

There are pivotal moments in our lives when everything appears to crumbling at our feet. Those are the moments when we question everything – where we begin to wonder if we can ever really know anything for sure at all. Those are the moments that, looking back, could’ve broken us into a million pieces but only made us stronger. But things only make us stronger in time.

When we ignore raw emotions because they’re tough to face, we ignore a necessary part of the healing process. When we shove feelings down and pretend they’re not there, we’re not doing ourselves any favours by trying to bury them. We can lie and try to convince ourselves that we’re over everything when we know deep down inside that we simply chose to gloss over the hard edges.

Things make us stronger when we can lean into and dwell with the fear, the pain and the loss. Things make us stronger when we let the anger bubble up to the surface and face it head on.

Things make us stronger when we allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel and we make the choice, when we’re ready, to move on.  Tweet that.

And that’s the key – to feel what you need to feel and know when it’s time to move ahead. Sometimes we need to dwell in a shitty moment for a day or an afternoon. Sometimes it takes way longer and sometimes it takes way less. We need to make the call when we know it’s time to make our peace with something and go back to feeling good again.

We need to trust ourselves enough to know that we’ll know when we’re done feeling those feelings.

We need to trust that we’ll know when we’re overthinking things as opposed to healing from the heart.

We need to trust ourselves to know when it’s time to move on.

We need to trust ourselves to know when it’s time to let go.

Much love, XXX