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Corinne K.


Weekly Tarotscope
April 15 – April 21 2018

Balance. Healing. Renewal.

The great heron of the Temperance card is calm and and peaceful as she blends the opposing elements of water and fire. This week we’re being asked to be a stabilizer much like the heron. A new sense of self and healing will happen where we find balance in our lives. Continue Reading

Authenticity, Relationship, Spirituality

Rememberings: A Year Later

It was this Sunday last year. The last day of the long weekend. And as I search my mind, I can’t honestly recall if it was sunny because there was a dark cloud following me everywhere I went and a deep-seated anxiety that bubbled quietly and angrily below the surface.

Waking from a winter’s slumber.
Fresh beginnings. Continue Reading


Weekly Tarotscope
April 8 – April 14, 2018

Oh karma.

The ten of cups reminds us of how we get what we give. Five cups run across the top of the card and five along the bottom. While they radiate energy outwards to each other, they’re simultaneously receiving. Because, really. Life is just as much about what we give as what we get. Continue Reading