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A Love Letter To Friendship

August 11, 2016

It was a brutal week for me and while typically I can easily spot the silver lining, I was finding it really hard to develop the negative into a positive picture. You brought me back to a place of calm despite the storm and practically spoon fed me poutine because you know that somehow that gravy-laden magnificence can make everything right in the world again.

We were both utterly exhausted (you were probably more so than I) but you stuck to our plans because you knew how much it meant to me.

You squealed with delight right along with me when I landed that gig.

You reminded me to keep going even when all I wanted to do was bury myself under the sheets, admit defeat and never try again. You reminded me that all the effort was worth it and that I was a better person because I put myself out there. You reminded me that you would love me all the same and I could see it in your eyes that you really, really meant it.

We danced like our lives counted on it and walked home arm in arm in the early morning sun.

You think I’m hilarious and witty and kind and brave. (I love that you see the very qualities I appreciate about you in me).

We cried together.
We prayed together.
We meditated together.
(All of which make you kinda uncomfortable but you did ’em anyway).

You always get the most thoughtful gifts.

You were straight-up when I asked for your opinion. You knew what was best for me and often know me better than I know myself. Gently shaking me out of my self-denial you unfailingly deliver the truth with kindness and respect.

You forgave me when I found it impossible to forgive myself. 

We don’t always agree or see eye-to-eye but that doesn’t stop you from supporting me because you love me for exactly who I am.

And you. My dear friend, you. I wouldn’t be the person I am today had it not been for you – had you not been a part of my life to remind me of everything that is good and pure and simply fabulous in the world. And for all this and so much more, I fucking love you.


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Thursday Morning Mantras

August 4, 2016

Embrace your imperfections.

Have fun and eat well.

Indulge on occasion.

Love with abandon.

Accept compliments fully.

Balance your sexy with intelligence.

Choose carefully when to ‘do’ vs. when to ‘be’.

Trust yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Laugh it off.

Sleep on it.


Dance. Sing.

Move with intention.



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Taking Charge And Letting Go.

July 31, 2016

Our plane touched down in Toronto early Friday afternoon, shuttling us home from a much-needed week-long getaway to England. Travel has always been an important catalyst in sparking my creativity and a surefire way to maintain my sanity. For me, there’s magic in getting away from the ordinary and delving into a new place, taking in the sights, gaining a different perspective on things and reminding myself that there’s a huge world outside of my immediate context.

Travel has always been an important catalyst in sparking my creativity and a surefire way to maintain my sanity. For me, there’s magic in getting away from the ordinary and delving into a new place, taking in the sights, gaining a different perspective on things and reminding myself that there’s a huge world outside of my immediate context.

I was also feeling a need to shake things up a bit before I left – like I had to lose a monkey off my back and explore a new side of myself. And so, I did what I often do when I feel like something has to give. I cut my hair. As Coco Chanel once said,

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

She was right dammit.

Donning my freshly trimmed curls, we embraced the UK. We visited family, walked barefoot in the grass along the English countryside, wandered downtown London, patio-hopped in a medieval town and (of course) I snapped a slightly inordinate amount of photos featuring the full moon. I felt like a new woman. Minus some minor hiccups (anyone who’s repeatedly navigated someone off the wrong exit of a roundabout has felt my pain) the trip was exactly what I needed.

And so, in the spirit of uncovering something new about myself, I’ve plastered an ‘under construction’ page on my website and I’m currently working on a new look and feel. Things were feeling dated and there’s nothing like a little makeover to get inspired again.

I thought I would send this note out to see where things are at with you. Is there anywhere in your life that could use a little boost? Is there anything you can do for yourself to feel a little more excited about things? When we’re feeling like we’re in a funk about something even the littlest things can get us feeling more invigorated and inspired.

It’s all about seeing where we need those tiny tweaks, taking charge and doing something to get the mojo moving again and then letting all that shit go and trusting that it’ll all fall into place. If there’s something you’re thinking of doing to get moving again, let me know! I’d love to hear what works for you.

In the meantime and until we meet again, sending mad, mad, crazy love to you.

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It’s Been A While. How You Been?

July 3, 2016

Someone asked me the other day if I was too busy to post on my blog lately. As her eyes sparkled and her lips curled kindly she said, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen an email from you. How are things?”

And so I told her the truth. Yes, I’ve been busy. My days have changed drastically and taking on full time hours back in an office writing all day quite frankly, made it difficult to come home and continue writing. And for a while there, I was beating myself up about it, feeling like I was letting myself down in some way. After all, I know what it’s like firsthand to let the things that light you up slide in favour of ‘other stuff’. Shifting priorities sometimes means that some things will have to go on the back burner for others. But I also reminded myself that those things can only go on the back burner for so long until we begin to lose sight of what really motivates us and we begin to feel kinda ‘blah’ about things.

As I reflected on what I was doing every evening instead of blogging, I realized it was a combination of social media surfing, shitty television and some more social media surfing. In an effort to relax, I was tuning out. And then it so blatantly and brutally hit me.

I needed to continue to practice what I preach. And so I made a conscious choice.

I know taking time in the morning to squeeze in some yoga and conscious breathing makes a big difference in my day. So I do it. At times it feels like a drag but my body thanks my every time I stretch my limbs and become present with the air circulating through my lungs. Living within walking distance of the office is a blessing but rather than push my timing to the very last minute, I leave a little early now. I detour my way to work, appreciating how the trees canopy the sidewalk as I wander and I take in the sometimes sticky summer air. And I take a moment every day to count my blessings – even little itty bitty things – those things that make me smile.

And I meditate. I sit still and take the time to let my thoughts pass gently through my mind. With no judgement, I simply observe what comes through and make myself aware of what rises to the surface. I know I can handle the crap that comes along in my days better when I can apply this non-judgement to my day-to-day. I know that when shit hits the fan, I’m more likely to smile in spite of it all when I’m training my mind to observe without reasoning what’s right and wrong, good or bad. I’ll still watch The Bachelorette on Monday nights (because c’mon we all need our guilty pleasures) but it won’t define every evening any more. (This is my vow to myself).

I remind myself that in a city like Toronto where summer days are long yet pass oh so quickly, it’s important to me that I connect with the earth everyday.

My sanity depends on taking the time to soak up the sun, take in all the city has to offer and wander barefoot in the grass. Rather than wait for my next vacation to recalibrate, I decided to create a vacation in my own backyard (so to speak) and made my way to the beach. Granted, I wasn’t at a fancy resort on the other side of the world but it sure as hell hit the spot.

Sand between my toes, I wander along the water’s edge.

As I look to the sky above, birds fly in the most natural formation.

Wind at my back, I feel the chill of the lake brush against my skin.

Suddenly I realize that all my worries and fears are much like sandcastles.

I build them myself, pile them miles high.

In some sense, I cling to them and allow them to define me. To limit me. To stifle my creativity and freedom. My freedom to breathe. To live. To thrive. To open my heart fully.

I can choose to protect these sandcastles – these fears and worries – from the waves that threaten to wash them away.

Instead I choose to allow them to wash away with the tide. One by one, I let them go. I breathe a sigh of relief and know that this is healing. Rising. No longer reaching for something, I allow it all to just be.