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Weekly Tarotscope
September 9 – September 15, 2018

The Three of Pentacles is all about planning, teamwork, and collaboration. The mountain on the card represents hard work on the horizon. The task ahead is a monumental one and will require a lot of focus, strategy and determination. The three pentacles are shown here in the primary colours – red, yellow, and blue. Continue Reading

Authenticity, Creativity, Wellness

How I’m Coping With An End Of Summer Funk

There’s been a persistent dialogue running like a broken record in my head over the last couple of weeks.

Psst. Hey you.
You’ve been kinda lazy lately, eh? (P.S. my inside voice is so very Canadiana.)
When was the last time you worked out?
You’ve been doing a lot of Netflix marathons on the couch lately. (I have been but they’ve BEEN SO GOOD.) Continue Reading


Weekly Tarotscope
August 26 – September 1, 2018

The Seven of Pentacles represents a period of contemplation. This is the point where you may be looking back at all your hard work and wondering if it was a failure or success. You may be doubting why you haven’t been recouping more rewards by now. Maybe you should be, but perhaps it’s more important to change your perspective and control your perception of the situation. Continue Reading


Weekly Tarotscope
August 19 – August 25, 2018

The circle of cups that signifies the Ten of Cups shows five cups along the top and five along the bottom of the card. The semi-circle of cups along the top are shining beams of coloured light into the cups sitting opposite them and vice versa. There’s a sense of reciprocity here, where for each cup sending light, there’s another receiving and sending it right back out. Continue Reading